Our Team

Gail Zelinski

Gail Zelinski has been our head teacher since January 2019. Gail holds a Montessori diploma, is an experienced head teacher, and hails originally from the UK.

Panambi Stoppa

Panambi is a state approved Kinderpflegerin with a Montessori diploma. Panambi grew up bilingual (German and Spanish) and also speaks English due to her Au-pair experience in Ireland. She works full-time with the children and enjoys dancing in her spare time.

Wendy Moen

Wendy was born and raised in Minnesota, USA. She came to Germany many years ago to learn German, ended up staying and getting a degree in Social Work in Munich. She joined the Mouse team in July 2019. She’s passionate about communication, music (percussion and rhythm, dancing, singing…), reading and biking, and is the mother of two (grown) children.

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